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Who We Are

The Agency Beyond Expectations

At Amber 90, we’re more than just a digital marketing agency; we’re the partners you didn’t realize you were missing. With a collection of prestigious awards from renowned marketing groups and platforms, our name might not ring a bell yet, but our results speak volumes. What sets us apart? A genuine care for your business as if it were our own.


We envision a digital space where every brand's story is heard loud and clear, and where connections between businesses and customers flourish in a realm of mutual growth and understanding.


We strive to be the beacon that navigates you through the ever-changing digital waters, ensuring that with every click and every scroll, your brand's presence is bold, impactful, and unmissable. We don't want you to just adapt in the digital age; we want you to lead the charge.

Our Unique Position

We pride ourselves on being the Goldilocks of agencies. Not too large to see you as just another account, but perfectly sized with a team of local high-performance marketers and web designers. Our team’s entrepreneurial journeys have not only shaped our expertise but also our approach to nurturing your business’s growth with the same dedication and attention to detail we desired for our ventures.

Breaking the Mold

We’re not your average agency. Our approach begins with deep discovery sessions, immersing ourselves in the essence of your business, objectives, and brand identity. We craft custom-built strategies designed to unlock your maximum growth potential, grounded in our core principle: the right customer, on the right platform, at the right time.

Adapt and Scale

Our methodical strategies are tailored to outmaneuver your competition at every possible touchpoint, ensuring that your business not only adapts but thrives.

Using Data Aesthetically

We weave visually creative stories, underpinned by meticulous SEO and keyword research, transforming data into compelling narratives that captivate your target audience.

Making Every Component Count

We treat every aspect of your marketing funnel with respect, ensuring a cohesive and holistic representation of your brand across all platforms.

Customised Solutions for Unique Challenges

Rejecting the one-size-fits-all approach, we pride ourselves on proactive problem-solving, crafting solutions as unique as your business.

Our SEO Services: Your Pathway to Growth

Maximize Your Digital Footprint: Tailored SEO Strategies for Unmatched Growth and Sustainable Success

Technical SEO Keep It Strategic

We zero in on high-impact actions that directly contribute to our shared objectives, ensuring that every step we take together is measured and meaningful.

No Black Boxes

We believe in transparency and understanding, empowering you with the knowledge to create result-driven strategies, not just platitudes.

Do Things Today, Not Tomorrow

In the fast-paced digital arena, rapid execution and speed to market are crucial for achieving exponential growth.

Open Forum: Meritocracy in Action

At Amber 90, ideas triumph over hierarchy. We cultivate an environment where innovation flourishes, leading to exceptional outcomes.

Attention to Detail

It’s in the details that opportunities for differentiation lie. Our meticulousness allows us to outshine competitors and exceed expectations.

Consider The Commercial

Our strategies are pragmatically designed, acknowledging and navigating the complexities of the commercial landscape to ensure success.

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Our Team

Head of Marketing

Josh Cooze

As an experienced digital marketing professional, Josh specializes in driving results through PPC ads across various social platforms, extensive CRM management/workflow creation, alongside proven social media management and content generation.

His approach is client-centered, focusing on understanding and fulfilling your unique business goals.

Leading a team for Josh is not just a role, it’s a journey of shared ambition. His leadership style thrives on collaboration and innovation.  

It’s not just about executing advanced ad campaigns and social media strategies, but also about building strong client relationships. Josh is passionate about continuous growth both personally and in business, believing firmly that our client’s success is synonymous with our own.

In the ever-changing digital landscape, he is committed to using his skills to help your business thrive.

Head of Development & Design

Charlie Archibald

Charlie has spent the last twenty years collaborating with over 200 companies across all industries, including both small and large organisations in every conceivable niche.

Charlie’s passion extends beyond mere strategy; it’s about nurturing your website and digital marketing efforts to become the primary source of new business for you.

Beyond his role, Charlie is always seeking innovative ways to address complex challenges. His expertise as a web consultant and strategist is underpinned by a profound understanding of digital marketing, user experience, and the psychological principles essential for converting cold prospects into satisfied customers.

His holistic approach considers every facet of the digital landscape to ensure a comprehensive and effective strategy. An entrepreneurial drive pushes him to continuously explore new ideas and technologies, keeping him and our clients at the forefront of digital innovation.